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Well the news is official, ∆AIMON is playing at this year’s Cold Waves Music Festival.We’re unbelievably excited to be a part of this event, it’s going to be absolutely amazing!Not only are we thrilled to be included on such a great line-up, but we deeply and sincerely support the memorial of Jamie Duffy. The message of suicide awareness through Hope For The Day is one of great importance to us that we are very proud to support.Book your calendars for September 26th and 27th!! This is an incredible opportunity to support the old and new in unity. You won’t want to miss it!!!https://www.facebook.com/events/529674213820196/

Album: ∆AIMON Band: ∆AIMON Release: December 2013 Score: 9/10
(this was an album of the year for me)
When you first put this album on, dim some lights, and definitely make sure you have some time to soak up the album’s rich layers of goodies.
There are two re-recordings from the original AMEN EP released in 2011, a nice club track, and a variety of individual songs that have shown have ∆AIMON have evolved. Brant and Nancy both did a fantastic job at making this album something you need in your collection.
What really stood out to me was the way the album was mixed. I couldn’t help but feel it was mastered to have a very dark feel to it over the more gritty “FLATLINER” EP. It helps the album set its mood with ease: nothing is missed. Keyboards and synths really stick out.
There are no bad tracks on here. Each one is crafted in a way to make the album flow incredibly.
Favourite tracks (in order): Dissolvte  Seraphim Anima Exu Rei
NVR MND // ∆AIMON // KILLTHELIGHTKILLEVERYTHINGhttps://soundcloud.com/nvrmnd/nvr-mnd-aimon
01. The Body - To Carry the Seeds of Death Within Me02. I†† - Eros03. Death Rattle - In Time04. Apollyon’s Visage - Devorabit05. ∆AIMON - dissolvte06. ANDRAS - True Believer (∆AIMON REMIX)07. D/SIR - Backbreaker08. Pharmakon - Pitted09. Bombardier - Undefined10. Cervello Elettronico - She’s Got Damage11. X-TG - Stasis12. Ulver - Noche oscura del alma13. Ben Frost - The Carpathians14. Corrections House - Dirt Poor and Mentally Ill15. Demdike Stare - Violetta16. ∆AIMON - Order ∴ ∴
███ W▲RLOK THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY████████ with live performaces by███████████ ∆AIMON // SOFIA RETAhttps://www.facebook.com/events/447124922086141/

Anonymous asked: Nothing to ask, just wanted to say you guys are fucking awesome

Thank you so much! That means a lot to us. You are obviously awesome for reaching out and being so supportive! Cheers!

Video for ‘anima’ sent to us by the Italian filmmaker Francesco Brunotti.

We’re very honored to have inspired him to create this for us, it’s absolutely beautiful!

p.s. we highly recommend watching it in HD (720 or 1080)

We received an incredible video for our song ‘anima’ from italian filmmaker, Francesco Brunotti. It’s absolutely beautiful.
We’re really excited to share it with you all VERY soon!




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∆AIMON Interview




∆AIMON, to me has always been on the forefront of what I consider the first wave of the witch house movement. With the release of your first full length album on Artoffact Records, do you feel that you have come a long way in the genre?



Many thanks to Thee Ka-baal for including ANDRAS track “Isolation Tank” in their best of 2013 mix!

It’s a special double episode this week.  50+ minutes of thee “Best Of 2013”.  Enjoy a wide variety of industrial and electronic sounds lovingly mixed and mashed for your entertainment.
Boards of Canada “Reach for the Dead”
Skinny Puppy “Wornin’”
How to Destroy Angels “Recursive Self Improvement”
Exit Counseling “Little Bodies”
Clock DVA “Sigma 7”
Four Tet “Ba Teaches Yoga”
Junksista “Life is Unfair (and love is a bitch)”
Kanye West “I Am God”
Youth Code “What is the Answer?”
Aesthetic Perfection “Antibody (Single Mix)”
Front Line Assembly “Killing Ground”
Kevorkian Death Cycle “Mind Decay (remixed by Alter der Ruine)
Öhm “Car Crash”
Pharmakon “Varsov”
Factory Floor “Turn it Up (C2 Remix)”
High-Functioning Flesh “Video DNA Gestalt”
∆AIMON “Seraphim (HexRx Remix)”
Plastic Noise Experience “Mercy (Vomito Negro Remix)”
▲NDRΛS “Isolation Tank”
Carter Tutti “Coolicon-Fusion”
Burial “River Dealer”